Seiwa Junior and Senior Girl’s Hischool

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Seiwa Junior and Senior Girl’s Hischool

Genaral Information

  1. Basic Information

Postal Code: 783-0007

Address: 98 Myoken, Nankoku, Kochi Prefecture

Tel: 088-863-1200

Fax: 088-863-1289

Mail: seiwachs@seiwa-girl.ed.jp

Website: http://seiwa-girl.ed.jp

  1. Educational Goals


Seiwa Girls Junior and Senior Highschool is a Christian school founded and build on strong Christian values. We believe that everyone and everything was created by God. We feel that each person is a unique creation and therefor is loved and educated with this in mind. We strive to build confidence in each other, love each other, and learn from and with each other. We believe that applying these goals throughout our curricula will help build a strong society and more importantly will help your child and our students to reach their goals. We cherish the fact that we are small in number, for this makes individual attention possible and gives us a family feel, witch is very unique in it self.

In addition, each day begins with worship in the chapel and ends with  prayer in the homeroom. Through such practice we can educate the students how to handle distress, loneliness and obstacles in their daily lives. With hard work, prayer and the grace of God we can protect our youth from danger and temptation, and help them to blossom and succeed.

  1. Educational Motto


Intensive learning and teaching in small groups, with traditional and international contributions, to form a broadminded student with Christian values.

  1. Origin of school name

Seiwa Junior and Senior Girl’s High School got the name Seiwa from the Bible.

Blessed are the pure in heart:

for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers:

for they shall be called children of God.

(Mathew 5: 8-9)

We here at Seiwa have to develop and educate students with the Bible as a guidline. We aim to act in a way that the mind stays pure to achieve peace through all activities.



  1. Origin of school

In 1901, missionary Dowd started with two underprivileged girls. She took care of them and prepared them for the world outside. Seiwa began from here. Since then, the goal of the school is to let each person live and shine their light to the world. This lantern of light has started since before the war and still continues through Bible education. These Christian values are protected by the school faculty. The foundation of faculty protects all that is Christian. We a as small group still cherish this founding mother’s ideas. Ms. Dowd stated chapel mornings and teaching bible in class and this still forms part of our daily routine.

During bible teachings we act as a family and do so in a loving manner by the grace of God.

  1. History of school

1887    Annie Dowd became a missionary and at the same time came to Kochi.


1901    Dowd started educating poor families’ children at her home.


1907    Dowd made the educational organization called Kochi Jogakkai. Kochi Jogakkai built a two storied western style school building in Takajo-machi Kochi.


1919    Kochi Jogakkai was issued as as miscellaneous educational institution. Students learned five years and acquired the same academic ability as girl’s high school.


1936    Kochi Jogakkai closed and change their name as Seiwa Jogakkai. Boarding, which started from founding, was abolished.


1942    the Pacific War started and all Christian school were disallowed. But Seiwa kept on teaching and practicing in the same as before.


1945    Japan’s educational policy was transformed; Seiwa education policy was without change, still with a firm focus on the Bible.


1953    Seiwa Senior Girl’s Highschool was approved as highschool.


1965    Seiwa Junior Girl’s Highschool was established as an annex.


1974    An American Church donated handbell to Seiwa. Handbell club started.


1983    Uniform was chaged from blazer to sailor blouse now in use.


1985    Seiwa moved to Nankoku city due to the aging school building in Kamihongu, Kochi city.


1991    Higashikan building was built as an annex.


2001    Seiwa celebrated its 100th anniversary.


2011    the 110th anniversary memorial concer was held.